New French story in LA VILLA SUR LA FALAISE!

If you're in France, pick up a copy of Casterman Publishing's La Villa Sur La Falaise ("The Villa At The End Of The Road"), a 280-page short story anthology commemorating the 10th anniversary of their Ecritures graphic novel line (to which Swallow Me Whole and The Silence Of Our Friends belong). I have a brand new 17-page story in the book, available nowhere else!

Other contributors include Isabel Kreitz, Jiro Taniguchi, Cati Baur, Hannah Berry, Saulne, Davide Reviati, Fred Bernard, Gabrielle Piquet, and Kan Takahama. Each of us did a short story continuing a common narrative setup penned by Benoit Sekal. This was one of my favorite stories to bring to life-- I hope you enjoy it!

If you live in North America and would like a copy, I have a handful and will gladly send you a signed copy for $15 in the US, or slightly more in Canada-- just email me at to inquire. Thanks.


A brand new French translation of Swallow Me Whole is out now from Casterman. If anyone in North America is interested, I have a handful of copies that are $15 ppd. in the US, or $$20 ppd. to Canada-- just email me and let me know! Thanks.

Next week I'll be doing some signings in Paris and Toulouse, then heading for the gargantuan Angouleme comics festival in Angouleme, France, where I'll be signing at the Casterman table. I'll try to update signing info soon..