TWO DEAD cover reveal and exclusive excerpt!


Van Jensen and I are thrilled to unveil the cover of our forthcoming graphic novel Two Dead, which will be released on November 19th by Gallery 13! This cover was a collaboration with graphic designer and friend Chris Ross, who’s worked with me on many of my books over the years.

Over at Paste, check out a few words from Van and I about the book, as well as an exclusive excerpt from the book— this is the first time to show snippets of the finished art, with a color treatment by designer/visual artist/musician Erin Tobey! Erin has also done lots of behind-the-scenes production and design work on my comics, but this is the first time to directly collaborate on the finished art itself, and we’re both so happy with how it’s turned out.

Below are some more panel details from the book— stay tuned for more, and please pre-order the book here at your local comics shop, local indie bookstore, directly from me, or Amazon. Thank you!

TD et 111.jpg
TD et 112.jpg
TD et 115.jpg
TD et 074.jpg
TD et 075.jpg
TD et 143.jpg
TD et 145.jpg

COME AGAIN is done!


At long last, I'm done drawing Come Again! It's been 7 years of work amidst 1 marriage, 2 kids, 3 houses, 4 pets, and 5 or 6 books along the way.

This is my favorite book I've ever made, and I'm looking forward to having it out in the world-- I'll be doing a slideshow talk about the book's path and influences on February 11th at the American Library Association's Midwinter Conference in Denver, CO, and should be publicly revealing the cover around the same time.

Come Again will debut from Top Shelf/IDW on July 19th at Comic-Con International in San Diego-- I'll be there all weekend to sign, and have a bunch of travels lined up for the rest of the year as the book hits the stands. See you there, and stay tuned for more!

Presentation, MARCH exhibit, and signing at SPACE in Columbus OH!

If you're in the Midwest, come to SPACE in Columbus OH this weekend! It'll be happening April 12-13th at the Ramada Plaza Hotel (4900 Sinclair Rd.), 10am- 6pm. 

I'll be selling books and artwork at my own table all weekend, and will also have some other things going on:

* Original pages from the forthcoming March: Book Two will be unveiled for the first time ever, and will be on exhibit near my table all weekend.

* I'll be giving a presentation on Saturday from 3-4 pm about all the projects afoot since the release of March: Book One-- this'll include Book Two, Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero, my comics collection You Don't Say, a new printing of Swallow Me Whole, collaborations with acclaimed writers Scott Snyder and Van Jensen, pinups for Operation Margarine and Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever, and an early look at work on my next solo book, Cover.

Here's the FB page for SPACE, and the full programming list. See you there!

In Progress.

Here's the title spread from March, written by Congressman John Lewis & Andrew Aydin and drawn by me.

And here's a little past-present-future-- the top row is all the books or stories I've had published from 1992-2012. The bottom row is pages and scripts for all the books I'm currently working on (the March trilogy, Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero adapted by Robert Venditti, my next solo graphic novel Cover, a short comic written by Al Burian for Tugboat Press's Free Comic Book Day release, and new short stories for the You Don't Say collection.)

Pencil pages galore on forthcoming books!

I've been holed up in my fort lately, working away at four books simultaneously. Here's a little sliver of pencil pages-in-progress for each of these projects:

Here's an excerpt from a new short story called "Havens Have Not"-- a return to the Please Release-style autobio comics essay form. It's one of several new stories in my forthcoming collection You Don't Say, which should be out in 2013 on Top Shelf, and collects all of my shorter stories from 2004 to present, including a ton of rare and unpublished stuff.

(you can also read the included short stories "Cakewalk" [one of my all-time favorites, awkward, haunting, and true-- written by Rachel Bormann] and "Bets Are Off" [a comics adaptation of a Pretty Girls Make Graves song] with these links here.)

Next up-- here's a pencil excerpt from my graphic novel adaptation of Rick Riordan's adventure megahit Heroes Of Olympus: The Lost Hero. Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar, Surrogates, The Homeland Directive, Percy Jackson And The Olympians) handled the script adaptation, and this graphic novel will be released in 2014 by Hyperion Books.

I'm also hard at work drawing March, the graphic novel autiobiography of Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), living architect of the 20th century civil rights movement. The book is co-authored by Andrew Aydin, and will be published in 2014 or 2015 by Top Shelf. Very stoked about this tome!  

(You can read a finished preview chapter of March here.)

Finally, here are a couple of pages from my next solo graphic novel, Cover, which will be published by Top Shelf in 2016. I'm currently working through pencils and dialogue for the entire book, with details about the story later in the fall. There is nothing more satisfying, challenging, and exciting than diving into undiscovered worlds within a new graphic novel, watching the characters and environment evolve and mature in the years between those first scribbles and the finished product.

Thank you for reading my books and continuing to support me, and all comic book creators! Now back to the drawing board.