ERIN TOBEY & FULL SUN on Southeast/East Coast tour this week!

If you live between the Gulf Of Mexico and New England, go see Erin Tobey and Full Sun on tour from May 16-25!

Erin Tobey is one of my favorite songwriters in underground music, in addition to being an amazing visual artist and one of my favorite human beings. Over the years she's been a part of Abe Froman, Mt. Gigantic, Pink Razors, Fat Shadow, and sometimes Tammar. She'll have a series of new screenprints available on tour, and is recording a much-anticipated second solo album this year.

Full Sun is the solo endeavor of Jeff Grant (also of The Sands, Fat Shadow, Pink Razors, and Stop It!!), and will be touring as a two-people-and-a-hologram band-- not to be missed! He's got a new cassette and a brand-new 7" for this tour.

Here's the FB event, with the dates posted here too:

MAY 16-- Chattanooga TN @ Anarchtica
MAY 19-- Florida-- please email erintobey@gmail to help!
MAY 20-- DeLeon Springs FL @ Surf 13 Barn
MAY 21-- Gainesville FL @ The Backyard
MAY 22-- St. Augustine FL @ Nobby's
MAY 23-- North Carolina-- please email to help!
MAY 24-- Richmond VA @ The Cat Mansion in Church Hill
MAY 25-- Philadelphia PA @ The Mitten

R.I.P. Fat Shadow; new musical goings-on

This is a quick post in recognition of one of my favorite Bloomington-area bands, Fat Shadow, who recently called it quits. Fat Shadow was a perfect punk-meets-classic rock storm, carved from the spaces where Heart meets X, where Jefferson Airplane meets Dinosaur Jr.

In their time, they managed to release the outstanding Foot Of Love LP, which is available here on vinyl/download and here as a direct download

(Here are a ton of live Fat Shadow photos I took over the years as well.)

In the meantime, definitely check out these jams from its members:

Purple 7 is a new Replacements-meets-Guided By Voices power trio with Chris Mott (Fat Shadow, Door-Keys, Landlord), Will Staler (Defiance Ohio, Landlord), and Patrick Jennings (Hot New Mexicans). They've got an incredible 5-song 12" out now on Let's Pretend Records (and here's the download), and are currently touring as well.

Here's a video for their song "Poison Ivy."

Fat Shadow drummer Jeff Grant (also of Pink Razors and Stop It!!) has a solo band project called Full Sun, with two tapes under his belt, both still available as downloads. I highly recommend the Bare Floor recording! He's also playing guitar and singing in The Sands, a new band featuring folks from Memory Map, Magnolia Electric Co., and Coke Dares, as well as internet cat-celebrity Lil Bub's human caretaker.

Bassist/wailer Erin Tobey is currently in the process of hammering out what will be a stunning second solo album; her classic 2005 debut is still available as an LP here and download here. She is also an accomplished multimedia artist and has recently teamed up musically with Tammar, Vollmar, and one-off Donna Summer cover band Bad Girls.

Vocalist Daun Fields also performs and records as Vera Maleta, and released several albums fronting The Door-Keys. She also has a blog called Crocosmia, chronicling her relationship to magic, growth, and the creative spirit.

FAT SHADOW eastern US tour this month!

Check out the phenomenal Fat Shadow (folks from Pink Razors, Landlord, Erin Tobey, Abe Froman, Door-Keys) in the following cities:
  • AUGUST 15 - GREENVILLE, SC @ 801 Perry St
  • AUGUST 16 - RICHMOND, VA @ sprout
  • AUGUST 18 - PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the marvelous!
  • AUGUST 19 - BROOKLYN, NY @ Manifesta loft
  • AUGUST 20 - BROOKLYN, NY @ tompkins st house
  • AUGUST 22 - PITTSBURGH, PA @ shadow lounge
  • AUGUST 24 - COLUMBUS, OH @ carabar
  • AUGUST 25 - CINCINNATI, OH @ the drinkery
You can check updates/show details on their Facebook page here or at Houseplant Records, and download their Foot Of Love album here.

FAT SHADOW tour and new LP out!

Hey crew-- Bloomington powerhouses Fat Shadow are touring the east coast and midwest from March 25-April 23 in support of their incredible new LP, Foot Of Love, which can be ordered from Houseplant Records with a free digital download, or the whole thing can be downloaded here!

Fat Shadow are a quartet making classic-rock-leaning tiki torch punk melodies with spectacular vocals, like a sweet mix of Heart, The Pretenders, Throwing Muses, and X. Members are/were also part of Landlord, The Door-Keys, Pink Razors, Erin Tobey, and Abe Froman. Get on it!

Tour dates and info can be ventured here.

Michigan State Comics Forum ahoy!

Come up to Lansing, Michigan on January 21-22 for the MSU Comics Forum! I'll be the keynote speaker Friday night from 7-8:30 pm in the RCAH Theatre (in the basement of Snyder/Philips Hall). Saturday I'll be participating in a panel TBA, as well as selling and signing books and original artwork in the Artists' Alley from 11-5.

Also appearing will be teammate Erin Tobey (Here It Is zine/comic, the late, and musician in Fat Shadow, Pink Razors, Mt. Gigantic, and Lansing punk legends Abe Froman!).