heads up Holland and Belgium!

In the first week of November I'll be touring the Netherlands and Belgium, promoting the brand-new Dutch edition of Swallow Me Whole, under the title Verzwelg Me!, published by Sherpa. I'll be touring together with storytellers extraordinaire Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, who will be promoting the highly acclaimed Skim.

Here's where we'll likely be found, if you happen to be around:

Nov 2 Amsterdam-- Presentation and press release at Lambiek (Kerkstraat 132) @5pm.
Nov 3 Zwolle-- Lecture at ArtEZ Academy @ 4-5:30pm.
Nov 4 Mechelen-- Signing at De Stripkever (Bruul 79) @ 3-5:30pm.
Nov 5 Brussels-- Signing at Het B-Gevaar (Greepstraat 15) @ 12-2pm.
Leuven-- Signing at Het Besloten Land (Parijsstraat 16) @ 4-6pm.
Nov 6 Utrecht-- Book launch, signings, and art show at Stripkunstbeurs @ 11am-4pm.

see you there!