SOUNDS OF YOUR NAME digital re-release Sept. 19!

I'm pleased to announce that Top Shelf will be digitally reissuing my hard-to-find omnibus Sounds Of Your Name, which collects almost all my long out-of-print comics from 1998-2004. This volume clocks in at around 330 pages, is rearranged chronologically and has additional notes, annotations, and backstories for the comics contained within.

Sounds Of Your Name collects all of Tiny Giants, It Disappears, Walkie Talkie #1-4, Conditions, Frankenbones, and has excerpts from Wonderful Broken Thing and The Schwa Sound, as well as anthology stories from Syncopated, Meathaus, and Paper Rodeo. The print version is still available from Microcosm Publishing, but due to a curse it's nearly impossible to find in any stores anywhere. You can order it directly from me here.

The digital reissue hits on September 19th for a measly $3.99, and my site's store will have a download link (along with digital versions of all the other Top Shelf books).

and here's an excerpt from "Satellite Worlds" (Walkie Talkie #3-4):


Hot off the press-- EDIBLE SECRETS: A Food Tour of Classified US History, by Michael Hoerger & Mia Partlow, and illustrated by yours truly!

Dive into the US's shady, bizarre, and sometimes hilarious political ventures as revealed in declassified intelligence documents, all filtered through the context of food. Fred Hampton, Fidel Castro, the Rosenbergs, Ronald Reagan, and the MK-Ultra program are all hopelessly intertwined with top-secret snacking. FOR REAL.

This book just arrived from the printer and won't be available in stores for a couple of weeks, so you can order them for $8 ppd from me (should be up in the store in the next few days, or just paypal to or from Microcosm Publishing.

ISBN 978-1934620410

limited edition poster and package deal!

Microcosm Publishing just printed up a limited run of 200 signed-and-numbered color posters with brand new artwork from the story "Autopilot"! Here's the deal: the only way you can get your paws on them is by buying a sweet-deal package from Microcosm.

* for $15 you get Sounds of Your Name and the poster!
* for $30 you get Sounds, Swallow Me Whole, and the poster!
* for $33 you get Sounds, Swallow, Please Release, and the poster!

The deal should be posted soon on their site, if it's not already. If you have any questions or problems accessing it, just email me and I'll see if I can help.

fall updates!

ah yes! finally, i've transitioned to some proper hippie-shit corduroys (and as i write this at work, a six-inch hole just ripped out of my pants-ass while i knelt to help someone get dressed! my only pants, too! at least that forsaken Nausea patch can finally be of some use..) good bye shorts, goodbye sunburned's only a matter of time before the hoodie gets its proper welcome to the autumn. pumpkin-flavored everything!

*finalized signing/tabling dates for the fall:

Fri 9/26: gallery opening at Sweet Hickory, Bloomington IN. 7pm.
Sat 10/4-5: Small Press Expo, North Bethesda MD (debut for Swallow Me Whole)
Mon 10/6: HBML Junk Shop (420 Pleasant St.), Worcester MA. 4-8pm.
Tue 10/7: Ada Books,
Providence RI. 7pm.
Wed 10/8: Million Year Picnic, Cambridge MA. 5-7:30pm.
Thurs 10/9: Giant Robot, New York NY.
Fri 10/10: Rocketship Comics, Brooklyn NY.
Fri 10/17: Boxcar Books, Bloomington IN.
Sat 10/18: Quimby's, Chicago IL. 7pm.
Sat 10/25: Floating World, Portland OR.
Sun 10/26: Seattle Comicard convention
(hangin with Yu-Gi-Oh! fans), Seattle WA. 10am-5pm. (more info soon!)
Wed 10/29: Comic Relief, Berkeley CA. 5-7pm.
Sat 11/1-2: Alternative Press Expo, San Francisco CA.
Sat 11/1: signing and unexplainable live drawing performance at Isotope, San Francisco CA. 8pm-12am! APE afterparty blowout! Brett Warnock mixin poisons!
Tue 11/11: Comics & More, Savannah GA.
Wed 11/12: Oxford Comics (2855 Piedmont Rd. NE), Atlanta GA.
Thurs 11/13: Bizarro Comics, Athens GA. 3-6pm.
Sat 11/22: Vintage Phoenix, Bloomington IN.
Fri 11/28: Collector's Edition, North Little Rock AR. 12-3pm.

see you thurr!

*Next week I'm screen-printing (with the technical and logistical aid of my feathered friends Crystal and Kieth) some posters for Swallow Me Whole. I'll get the design up soon, and there'll be some available to order as well, if you're interested!

*On my fall travels I'll have a small-print run of a few comics stories: the comic is called Cakewalk, and the title story is written by one Rachel Bormann (this story will be featured in our forthcoming comics collection..). There's another story in there that's an interpretive version of the Pretty Girls Make Graves song "The Get-Away." I'll also have a few copies of this available for mailorder to boot!

*I'm working on a bunch of illustrations for Michael Hoerger's forthcoming book Edible Secrets, due out next year from Microcosm Publishing! The book covers a hidden history of covert CIA and executive operations filtered through the context of food. Bizarre, shocking, hilarious, and terrifying.

*The forthcoming Top Shelf book formerly known as Voglio Capirlo is now Any Empire. It'll likely be finished at the end of 2009, and released in the latter half of 2010.