Come Again (Top Shelf, 2018)

March: Book Three (with John Lewis & Andrew Aydin; Top Shelf, 2016)

You Don't Say (Top Shelf, 2015)

March: Book Two (with John Lewis & Andrew Aydin; Top Shelf, 2015)

Heroes Of Olympus: The Lost Hero (with Rick Riordan, Robert Venditti, and Orpheus Collar; Hyperion, 2014)

March: Book One (with John Lewis & Andrew Aydin; Top Shelf, 2013)

The Year Of The Beasts (with Cecil Castellucci; Roaring Brook, 2012)

The Silence Of Our Friends (with Mark Long & Jim Demonakos; First Second, 2012)

Any Empire (Top Shelf, 2011)

Swallow Me Whole (Top Shelf, 2008)

Please Release (Top Shelf, 2006; self-published, 2005. Now collected in You Don't Say)

Sounds Of Your Name (Microcosm, 2006; Top Shelf digital, 2012)

It Disappears (Soft Skull, 2004)

Tiny Giants (Soft Skull, 2003)



Nate Powell's Omnibox (Top Shelf, 2017)

March Trilogy Slipcase Edition (Top Shelf, 2016)



Selma: The Bridge To The Ballot (animated illustrations; Southern Poverty Law Center, 2015)

Babygirl (title sequence illustrations; Escape Pictures/ Samson Films, 2012)



“About Face” (Popula, 2019)

“Mr. Seahorse” (self-published, 2018)

"Awaiting A Wave" (The Weather Channel, 2017)

"We Bend It" (Washington Post, 2017)



Abandon Ship #1 (self-published, not available commercially; 2017)

Great Caution (self-published, 2010)

Cakewalk (with Rachel Bormann; self-published/Top Shelf 2.0, 2008)

120 Bends (self-published, 2004)

Walkie Talkie #1-4 (self-published, 2000-2002)

Good Night For A Daydream (with Jenny Holt; self-published, 2000)

Wonderful Broken Thing (self-published, 1999)

Frankenbones (with Emil Heiple; self-published, 1999)

Conditions (self-published, 1999)

The Schwa Sound #1-14 (self-published, 1994-1999)

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Black Hammer: Streets of Spiral (with Jeff Lemire & Michael Allred; Dark Horse, 2019)

Black Hammer Library Edition Vol. 1 (with Jeff Lemire & many more; Dark Horse, 2019)

Black Hammer Giant-Sized Annual #1 (with Jeff Lemire & Michael Allred; Dark Horse, 2017)

"Untitled" -- Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream (Locust Moon Press, 2014)

"Per Ogni Mostro Che Crea" (with Micol Beltramini & Alessandro Ferrari)-- La Vita Inattesa (Rizzoli Lizard, 2014)

"The One That Got Away" (with Scott Snyder) -- In The Dark (IDW, 2014)

Twelve Reasons To Die #2 (with Matthew Rosenberg, Ghostface Killah, & RZA; Black Mask, 2013)

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Sweet Tooth #19 (with Jose Villarubilla; Vertigo, 2011)

"Cartoline Daglis Pazi Aerei Sovrani" -- Internazionale (2010)

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"Like Hell I Will" -- Syncopated (Villard, 2009)

"Fluke" -- Towncraft: Notes From A Local Scene DVD/book (Matson Films, 2007)

"Particulars" -- Meathaus #8: Headgames (Alternative, 2006)

"ORD -> IND" -- All The Days Are Numbered So CD/zine (Harlan Records, 2006)

"Untitled" -- Paper Rodeo #17 (Paper Rodeo, 2004)

"Invisibilities" -- Meathaus #7: Love Songs (Meathaus, 2003)

"Company" -- Syncopated #1 (Syncopated, 2002)

"Myopia" -- Handjive #1 (self-published, 1999)

"Billy Crash" -- Suburban Outcast #1 (1997)

"Billy Crash" -- Pantheon #1 (self-published, 1996)

Food Chain Yuletide Special (with Mike Lierly & Mark Lierly; self-published, 1992)



Royal City #8 variant cover (Image, 2017)

Small Press Expo 2017 poster

Logan movie poster (Fox, 2017)

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2016 cover (CBLDF, 2016)

CBLDF's Banned Books Week Handbook 2016 cover (CBLDF, 2016)

Fluke #13 and anniversary t-shirt (2016)

Cometbus #57 (2016)

Romeo And/Or Juliet (by Ryan North; Riverhead Books, 2016)

Descender #1 retailer variant cover (Image, 2015)

Teaching Tolerance #49 cover (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2015)

Lucero band shirt (2014)

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever (Microcosm, 2014)

Operation Margarine pinup (Katie Skelly/Adhouse, 2014)

Salt-N-Pepa pinup (Hip Hop Family Tree, Vol. 1; Fantagraphics, 2013)

Add Toner: A Cometbus Collection (Last Gasp, 2012)

Iron Tongue band shirts (2011)

Set illustrations for Gabe Cooper's The Outstanding Eight play (East Lansing MI, 2011)

Oxford American magazine illustrations (2010-2011)

Shores tour shirts (No Idea, 2010)

Edible Secrets (by Michael Hoerger & Mia Partlow; Microcosm, 2010)

Fluke #7-8 (2009-2010)

Cometbus #53 (2010)

Callers/ Here We Go Magic tour poster (2009)

Swallow Me Whole tour poster (2008)

Make A Zine! (Microcosm, 2008)

Erin Tobey tour poster (2006)

Joyland (by Emily Schultz; ECW Press, 2006)

Nate Powell/ Josh MacPhee/ Mike Taylor tour poster (Soft Skull, 2004)

Soophie Nun Squad tour shirts (1997-2002)

Drizzy Aeronotiks #2 (2002)

Handjive #2 (2000)

Clamor #1-4 (Become The Media, 2000-2001)

Here Be Dragons #8 (2000)

Cometbus #46 (2000)

HeartattaCk #17-26 (Ebullition, 1997-2000)

Clients include Slate, Creative Loafing, Wall Street Journal, Oxford American, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Arkansas Times, Little Rock Monthly, New York Yankees Magazine, Rolling Thunder, Boxcar Books.



Iron Tongue s/t digital EP (2018)

Iron Tongue Witches cassette/digital (2016)

Muscle & Bone 12" (Bitter Melody, 2013)

Iron Tongue The Dogs Have All Barked, The Birds Have All Flown CD (Neurot, 2013)

Crooked Roots/ Bad Years 7" (Max Recordings, 2013)

The Bomb Indecision 2xLP (No Idea, 2013)

Rainy Day Regatta Eons Or Octaves unreleased album (Harlan digital, 2013)

Good Luck Without Hesitation LP (No Idea, 2011)

Band Of Beards Fuerteventura LP/CD (2011)

The Moving Front Everyday Dissonance CD (Max Recordings, 2010)

Universe Passenger CD (Harlan, 2010)

Fiya Magic Words LP (No Idea, 2010)

Your Heart Breaks/ Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death 7" (2009)

Divorce Chord Lose Your Illusion II CDR (Harlan, 2009)

Madeline Kissing And Dancing LP (Plan-It-X, 2008)

Your Heart Breaks/ Paul Baribeau 7" (2008)

Divorce Chord CDR (Harlan, 2008)

Ampere/ Daitro 7" picture disc (Clean Plate, 2006)

Wait Say It, Come True CD (Harlan, 2006)

Madeline Kissing And Dancing CD (different artwork; Plan-It-X, 2004)

Justin Clifford Rhody/ Little Wings LP (Friends And Relatives, 2004)

Soophie Nun Squad Passion Slays The Dragon LP/CD (Harlan/Plan-It-X/Narshardaa, 2003)

Soophie Nun Squad/ Abe Froman LP/CD (Harlan/Plan-It-X, 2003)

Guyana Punchline Irritainment LP/CD (Prank, 2001)

The Khayembii Communique/ The Vida Blue 10" (Blood Of The Young, 2000)

Boomfancy 7" (Harlan, 2001)

Soophie Nun Squad The Devil, The Metal, The Big Booty Beats LP (Harlan, 2000)

Rainy Day Regatta "Living As We Do In The Midst Of So Much Ordered Light And Noise" 12" (Landmark, 2000)

Gioteens demo tape (Harlan, 2000)

JR Ewing Calling In Dead LP (Coalition, 2000)

Death Wish Kids demo 7" (Hopscotch, 2000)

Submission Hold Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw The First Brick LP/CD (Ebullition, 1998)

"Heartbreakers And Rumpshakers" comp 7" (Harlan, 1998)

Soophie Nun Squad "Dino" 7" (Harlan, 1997)

Soophie Nun Squad Takes Manhattan demo tape (Harlan, 1995)

Soophie Nun Squad "Vs. The USA" 7" (Harlan, 1995)

Soophie Nun Squad We Rule The World demo tape (Harlan, 1994)