Next week-- limited original artwork from all books for sale!

Hi-- I'll be putting some pages of original artwork up for sale in the next few days in order to pay for hospital bills, car problems, and swim out of my debt dungeon with the IRS.

This includes pages from SWALLOW ME WHOLE, ANY EMPIRE, WALKIE TALKIE/ SOUNDS OF YOUR NAME, PLEASE RELEASE/ YOU DON'T SAY, THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS (w/ Mark Long & Jim Demonakos), THE YEAR OF THE BEASTS (w/ Cecil Castellucci), TWELVE REASONS TO DIE (w/ Ghostface Killah & Matthew Rosenberg), IN THE DARK (w/ Scott Snyder), THE LOST HERO (w/ Rick Riordan & Robert Venditti), SWEET TOOTH (w/ Jeff Lemire), and the only two pages from MARCH that will ever be available for sale in the forseeable future.

Stay tuned-- Probably putting them up Monday, remaining available through the end of July. Thanks for your support and faith!

CONDIZIONI released in Italy; LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM anthology Kickstarter!

Two pieces of news incoming:

I'm proud to see that Condizioni, the Italian edition of stories making up Sounds Of Your Name and Tiny Giants, is now available from Edizioni BD's PsychoPop imprint! My copies arrived yesterday and they look great.

In big news, I'm one of over 100 contributors to Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, a massive forthcoming anthology featuring many of today's best comics creators doing interpretations of the groundbreaking early comics strip by Winsor McKay. It'll be published as a ludicrous 16"x21", 144-page hardcover from Locust Moon Press in the fall-- and the ONLY way to ensure a copy is through their Kickstarter campaign that just went up yesterday.

Other creators include Michael & Laura Allred, Gabriel Bá, Peter Bagge, Stephen R. Bissette, Box Brown, Kevin Cannon, Zander Cannon, John Cassaday, Farel Dalrymple, Gerhard, Denis Kitchen, Brendan Leach, Benjamin Marra, Fábio Moon, Scott Morse, Ramón Pérez, Paul Pope, Jim Rugg, P. Craig Russell, Tom Scioli, Bill Sienkiewicz, Carla Speed McNeil, Craig Thompson, Charles Vess, José Villarrubia, and J.H. Williams III. See the full list at the Kickstarter link.

Support this once-in-a-lifetime project if you can! Thanks.

CONDIZIONI playlist up at Fumettologica!

This rules-- Condizioni, the new Italian edition of Sounds Of Your Name just released by Edizioni BD's Psychopop imprint, has an unofficial playlist available at its review on Fumettologica.

Included are songs and bands that were incorporated into the titles, tone, or content of many of those 1998-2003 stories: Samiam, His Hero Is Gone, Fleetwood Mac, Mohinder, Assfactor 4, Monsula, Moss Icon, Wonderful Broken Thing, Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Bruce Springsteen, Soophie Nun Squad, and Destiny's Child!

Original artwork now for sale on Etsy!

 I now have a bunch of original artwork and pages for sale at my new Etsy store! There are currently pages up from Sweet Tooth, The Silence Of Our Friends, Any Empire, Swallow Me Whole, The Year Of The Beasts, Sounds Of Your Name, and some others to boot.


I also have most of my other published pages available too, so please get in touch with me at if you're looking for something specific. Thank you!

SOUNDS OF YOUR NAME digital re-release Sept. 19!

I'm pleased to announce that Top Shelf will be digitally reissuing my hard-to-find omnibus Sounds Of Your Name, which collects almost all my long out-of-print comics from 1998-2004. This volume clocks in at around 330 pages, is rearranged chronologically and has additional notes, annotations, and backstories for the comics contained within.

Sounds Of Your Name collects all of Tiny Giants, It Disappears, Walkie Talkie #1-4, Conditions, Frankenbones, and has excerpts from Wonderful Broken Thing and The Schwa Sound, as well as anthology stories from Syncopated, Meathaus, and Paper Rodeo. The print version is still available from Microcosm Publishing, but due to a curse it's nearly impossible to find in any stores anywhere. You can order it directly from me here.

The digital reissue hits on September 19th for a measly $3.99, and my site's store will have a download link (along with digital versions of all the other Top Shelf books).

and here's an excerpt from "Satellite Worlds" (Walkie Talkie #3-4):

THE YEAR OF THE BEASTS mailorders now shipping!

The Year Of The Beasts, my new hybrid novel/graphic novel written by Cecil Castellucci, will hit shelves everywhere on May 22nd, but I'm officially shipping out signed copies now! It's $17 ppd. in the US (write me for international shipping info).

Order your copy from me HERE and I'll get it sent out pronto.

Also, I've expanded my Combo Pack: for $45 (in the US) you can choose any 3 full-length books-- The Year Of The Beasts, The Silence Of Our Friends, Any Empire, Swallow Me Whole, Sounds Of Your Name, and for an extra $5 I'll throw in Edible Secrets as well. Just include which books you'd like in your ordering text. Thanks!

(Here's Cecil and I at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival last weekend.)


My new graphic novel The Silence Of Our Friends will hit stores next week, but I'm taking direct orders NOW, and they'll ship out to you in the next few days! Copies are $17 ppd. in the US (international orders, please email me and I'll send you a total)-- order HERE or at the link on the right.

I've also added a new Combo Pack-- order any 3 of my bigger books (The Silence Of Our Friends, Any Empire, Swallow Me Whole, Sounds Of Your Name, or Edible Secrets) for just $45! Just be sure to specify which books in the order.


limited edition poster and package deal!

Microcosm Publishing just printed up a limited run of 200 signed-and-numbered color posters with brand new artwork from the story "Autopilot"! Here's the deal: the only way you can get your paws on them is by buying a sweet-deal package from Microcosm.

* for $15 you get Sounds of Your Name and the poster!
* for $30 you get Sounds, Swallow Me Whole, and the poster!
* for $33 you get Sounds, Swallow, Please Release, and the poster!

The deal should be posted soon on their site, if it's not already. If you have any questions or problems accessing it, just email me and I'll see if I can help.