Tem Eyos Ki's remastered LP masterpiece now available digitally!

I am honored to announce that, after being out-of-print for 9 years, North Little Rock punk/speed metal/chamber folk powerhouse Tem Eyos Ki has digitally reissued their classic 2002 LP on my Harlan Records site!

(download/listen here!)

The album is completely remixed and remastered by drummer/engineer Kevin Rains, and features a previously unreleased song as well. If you haven't heard this band (or this album), you're missing out on something powerful, visionary, and heartfelt. My favorite band of all time! Besides sharing membership with Soophie Nun Squad, members have gone on to perform in Humanbeast, Bloodhuff, V Manuscript, Universe, Divorce Chord, Holy Angell, and Zucura. Vocalist Maralie Armstrong-Rial is a multimedia performance artist, guitarist Eli Milholland runs the Gross Domestic Product cassette label, and guitarist Michael Lierly is an accomplished painter.

Here's a collection of Tem Eyos Ki photos up on my Flickr site.

You can also download digital versions of their 7", split 7" with Hundred Years War, and tour CDR.

Tem Eyos Ki in Richmond VA, June 2001. Photos by Chris Boarts Larson.

20th anniversary of publishing comics!

This week marks the 20th anniversary of publishing my first comic--  D.O.A. #1, with the combined creative efforts of Michael Lierly, Nathan Wilson, and Alan Short. We printed up 100 copies under cover of darkness in late September 1992, and sold them on shelves at Collector's Edition Comics as well as out of our backpacks at school in North Little Rock, AR.

(D.O.A. #1 cover-- art by Mike Lierly, colors by me.)

To our surprise, the print run sold out by the time issue #2 hit the stands around Thanksgiving 1992. This encouraged us to continue a bi-monthly print schedule as we worked on writing all 50 issues of the series, but naturally by the time #4 hit shelves, we were neck-deep in a number of spin-off title ideas, writing songs for our fledgling band Soophie Nun Squad, laying groundwork on a small record label and punk zine, and figuring out how to make all of these projects work together.

(D.O.A. #2 interior page-- pencils by me, inks by Mike.)

I never looked back from these early efforts, and was just as serious about telling stories and communicating ideas through comics as I am today. I feel so fortunate to have had this kind of tunnel vision since age 11, when Mike Lierly (who had already been working on earlier incarnations of D.O.A. with Nate Wilson and Alan Short) suggested we make comics together as we rode to a week-long summer camp in his parents' minivan.

(Mike and I trying to "go pro", 1991.)

D.O.A. and its spin-off titles, coupled with shop owner Michael Tierney's decade-prior underground comic Wildstars, were part of a small early-mid 90's self-publishing scene in Little Rock. Books by area cartoonists Ron MacAdoo (now of Backyard Entertainment), Jeff Jackson, Chris Raymond, Jason Binfliff, Graham Westerlund, Ben Nichols (now of Lucero fame), and Ken Edge began surfacing as well, all learning from each other as we went, sometimes having never spoken in person about these various comics efforts. 

I truly don't know what I would've done if not for the possibilities opened to me through comics storytelling. Thanks to everyone I've collaborated with, everyone who has provided criticism, feedback, and advice over the last two decades, who has written or spoken to me at a convention, and readers willing to put up with my weird-ass stories.

Here's to tunnel vision and dedication.

(Mike Lierly continues his narrative path as a painter, and was also a member of the bands Soophie Nun Squad, Tem Eyos Ki, Boomfancy, Gioteens, Divorce Chord, and Universe. Nathan Wilson is a Bay Area tech wizard who is still cooking up an epic sci-fi/fantasy comic with me, and was a crucial behind-the-scenes force in Soophie Nun Squad. Alan Short is a member of Little Rock area metal bands Holy Angell, Deadbird, Zucura, and Seahag, and was also a member of Soophie Nun Squad and Them Of Delphi. We all remain best friends for life, though our paths cross less frequently.)

Soophie Nun Squad albums now available for download!

Soophie Nun Squad was a 10-piece, way-over-the-top punk ensemble I was in from 1992-2006, based in Little Rock, AR. Our last three records are now available digitally from Plan-It-X Records for less than $5 each-- download links are below.

Members of Soophie Nun Squad were/are also part of Humanbeast, Universe, V Manuscript, Tem Eyos Ki, Divorce Chord, Wait, Bloodhuff, Boomfancy, Sand City, The Insides, Shake Ray Turbine, William Martyr 17, Madeline, Sugar And The Raw, The Evelyns, R.I.O.T.S., Rainy Day Regatta, Deadbird, Zucura, The Body, and dozens more bands.

If anyone has photos or video of Soophie Nun Squad or Tem Eyos Ki, please email me!

The Devil, The Metal, The Big Booty Beats (2000)

Soophie Nun Squad/ Abe Froman split LP (2003)

Passion Slays The Dragon (2003)

NEW SITE DESIGN/ Digital Downloads!

Welcome to the redesigned site, completely made over by Erin Tobey-- check out her site to see her design, illustration, sewing, and craft work!

In the store section, you'll also find links to download digital copies of Swallow Me Whole, Any Empire, the Universe CD, and a link to pre-order The Silence Of Our Friends!

UNIVERSE tour update!

Here are the updated shows for our southern tour:

Thurs June 17 Bloomington IN @ The Bishop w/ Holiday Band
Wed June 23 Bloomington IN @ Greek's Pizza w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad, Busman's Holiday, Art Vanduhlay
Thurs June 24 Louisville KY @ Skull Alley w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad
Fri June 25 Cairo IL @ Ace of Cups w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad
Sat June 26 Little Rock AR @ Juanita's Party Room w/ Iron Tongue, Zucura
Sun June 27 New Orleans LA @ The Big Top.
Mon June 28 Pensacola FL @ Sluggo's.
Tue June 29 Tallahassee FL @ Charles Mansion
Wed June 30 St. Augustine FL @ Nobby's w/ Tubers, The Cougs
Thurs July 1 Gainesville FL @ Wayward Council w/ Die Hoffnung
Fri July 2 Atlanta GA @ Wonderroot
Sat July 3 Chattanooga TN @ TBA

more info as I get it!
Our CD's are in, and we're just finishing up the packaging. They'll be ready at shows and through mailorder on the 23rd!

May and June goings-on*

All right, time for a long-overdue update.

I drew the cover for We Will Bury You #2 by Brea Grant and Zane Grant, and published by IDW-- it's been in stores for a few weeks now, and I have copies available for $4 ppd. (the store will be updated "soon", but for now just email me about it if you're interested.)

I'll be drawing the comic-book portion of the forthcoming Year Of The Beasts, written by Cecil Castellucci and published by Roaring Brook Press. But don't expect that baby until 2012.

The Silence Of Our Friends is a little over halfway done, and Any Empire is nearing the end of its editing phase. I've gotten a head start on some of the inks and it's really exciting.

Here are some upcoming signings and stuff:

* Wed May 19 @ G-Mart Comics in Champaign IL from 2-6 pm.
* Sat May 22 @ Summit City Con in Fort Wayne IN.

* Jul 22-25 @ Comic Con International in San Diego CA (at the Top Shelf table!).

oh! To boot, my band Universe will be touring the South in the summer, and will have copies of our new CD, Passenger. Here are the dates (details soon):

* Wed 6/23 Bloomington IN @ Greek's Pizza w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad and to-be-named superband.
* Thurs 6/24 Louisville KY @ TBA w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad + more TBA.
* Fri 6/25 Cairo IL @ Ace of Cups w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad + more TBA.
* Sat 6/26 Little Rock AR @ Juanita's w/ Iron Tongue and Zucura. All Ages, $3!
* Sun 6/27 New Orleans LA @ TBA.
* Mon 6/28 Pensacola FL @ TBA.
* Tue 6/29 Tallahassee FL @ TBA.
* Wed 6/30 Gainesville FL @ TBA.
* Thurs 7/1 St. Augustine FL @ TBA.
* Fri 7/2 Atlanta GA @ TBA.
* Sat 7/3 Athens GA @ TBA.
* Sun 7/4 Chattanooga TN @ Sluggo's w/ TBA.

spring update fool!

Hey everybody!

At long last, Papercutter #12 is out, featuring "The Uncomfortable Gaze of Carlos Santana" by Rachel Bormann and I! I'll be getting copies here in a few days-- check the store for updates.

If you're in New York City this spring, I have a 7-page sequence from Swallow Me Whole in the NeoIntegrity show coinciding with the MoCCA Festival. The opening is Friday, March 26th from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, 594 Broadway in Manhattan.

I recently did some illustrations for Fluke #8 by O.G. Little Rock native Matthew Thompson-- copies are $4 postpaid from me or from Matthew. This'll be added to the store soon too!

Universe will be playing quite a few shows in April-- here are the rough dates:

*Thurs 4/15 Ft. Wayne IN @ TBA
*Fri 4/16 Lansing IL @ Nnamdi's house w/ Paramedics
*Sat 4/17 Chicago IL @ TBA w/ Warboner + more
*Sun 4/18 Minneapolis MN @ The Cabbage Patch
*Mon 4/19 Madison WI @ TBA
*Fri 4/23 Louisville KY @ TBA w/ Mountain Asleep + more
*Sat 4/24 Columbus OH @ Legion of Doom w/ Mountain Asleep
*Sun 4/25 Cincinatti OH @ Bike Haus w/ Mountain Asleep
(updates soon!)

UNIVERSE LP recording sesh/ upcoming shows.

Hey everybody! Universe, the band I'm in, just finished recording an LP tentatively called Passenger. It was done with the wizardry of Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording here in Bloomington. We'll be mixing in early March, and then I'll post a song-- the LP should be out by June, hopefully. More info soon!

Here are some shows we're playing:

Thurs Feb 25--
Bloomington IN, The Bishop (123 S. Walnut) w/ Pink Houses, Full Sun, and Dead Dog. Benefit show for The Collaboration Room. 8pm, $5.

Sun Feb 28
-- Bloomington IN, The Bishop again. a benefit for some kinda art program within IU. don't ask me. show time. $5.

Sun March 7--
Bloomington IN, The Fort (15th and Woodburn) w/ Little Lungs, Vera Maleta, Moscow Moscow Moscow. 8pm, $5.

upcoming UNIVERSE shows!

Here are three shows UNIVERSE is playing in the next week, all with our new bassist/violinist Jacqui Cornetta! See you there!

Sat, Dec. 5th-- Bloomington IN @ Rhino's w/ In The Face Of War, Applecore. 8pm, $5.
Tues, Dec. 8th-- Louisville KY @ Skull Alley w/ Where We Live, Birds And Wires, Caution Critters. 7pm, $5.
Wed, Dec. 9th-- Bloomington IN @ Greek's Pizza w/ Learner Dancer, Birds And Wires. 9pm, $5.

Universe show on Wednesday!

My band Universe is playing a show at Uncle Fester's on Wednesday, November 18th with Ludlow Lions and You're A Liar. Unfortunately, it's a shitty bar show and it's 21+. Hopefully this will be the only time I'll ever play a 21+ show. Come if you wanna stand in a sad social environment!

Bloomington show, Sept. 10!

If you're around Bloomington IN, come to this show on Thursday, September 10th:

HUMANBEAST (epic noise/bodies/rope from Providence RI. folks from Soophie/Tem Eyos Ki)
UNIVERSE (iron maiden-meets-moss icon. from Bloomington.)
SKY THING (soundscapes/noise from Fort Wayne.)

at Rachael's Cafe (E. 3rd & Lincoln Streets). 8pm sharp! $3-5 donation for touring bands.

see you there!

looking for SOOPHIE NUN SQUAD and TEM EYOS KI photos!

I'm on an eternal archiving kick. If you have any photos or video of SOOPHIE NUN SQUAD, TEM EYOS KI, BOOMFANCY, GIOTEENS, WAIT, or UNIVERSE, I would love to get my hands on them. You can email them to me at seemybrotherdance@yahoo.com, or you can mail them to:
Nate Powell/ PO Box 3382/ Bloomington IN 47402.

I'll gladly trade comics, music, or throw down some cash! Thanks so much..

UNIVERSE tour dates, August 2009..

(I'll be updating these dates in the next few weeks as things work out... please email me at harlanrecords@yahoo.com if you can help on a particular date. thanks!)

UNIVERSE -- August 2009.

Mon 3rd: Lexington KY @ Chaosome (609 N. Limestone) w/ Preying Hands.
Tue 4th: Washington DC @ 1807 3rd St. NE w/ Delay, The Max Levine Ensemble, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Transgression. 7pm, $5.
Wed 5th: Baltimore MD @ Frisby House (3043 Frisby St.) w/ Dasha and Monument.
Thur 6th: Philadelphia PA @ Lava Space (4131 Lancaster) w/ Amateur Party and Halo of Snakes.
Fri 7th: CT? help!
Sat 8th: Brooklyn NY @ 538 johnson ave #210 w/ Dichotomy
Sun 9th: Worcester MA @ Distant Castle (11 Forbes St.) w/ Delay, Harry and The Potters.
Mon 10th: Boston MA @ TBA w/ Ampere and Daniel Striped Tiger (hopefully!)
Tue 11th: Albany NY @ Paul's House w/ Nuclear Family.
Wed 12th: Buffalo NY @ The Attic (1032 Elmwood) w/ Max Wiess + more.
Thur 13th: Columbus OH @ Monster House.

sounds of face-melting winter metal.

I've started playing in a new band called Still Hidden here in Bloomington, along with Mike Lierly (Soophie Nun Squad, Tem Eyos Ki, Divorce Chord), Hannah Jones (Ghost Mice, Beyond Things), Jarod Isenbarger (Morrow, Dead Letter Auction), and Mike Harpring (Good Luck). We only have some 4-track recordings right now, but will be playing shows starting in March, and should be recording a 12" in the springtime!

come see these shows if you can:
* March 19 @ Rachael's Cafe (300 E. 3rd St.), Bloomington IN w/ Sinaloa, Pink Houses. 8pm.
* March 20 @ Skull Alley, Louisville KY w/ Sinaloa, +TBA.
* March 21 @ Legion of Doom, Columbus OH w/ TBA.