CALLERS-- new "Reviver" album + amazing videos

Brooklyn/Providence quartet Callers has a brand new album out called Reviver on Partisan Records! You should definitely check out their previous album, Life Of Love, as well.

Here's a new video for the song "Heroes":

And here's video of a stripped-down version of Callers playing in forgotten recesses of the city.

 Callers is, at its core, Sara Lucas and Ryan Seaton (one of my hometown best friends, and former member of the bands Rainy Day Regatta, Halo Perfecto, and Flaws), who formed in New Orleans in 2004. My now-defunct label Harlan Records released their first EP in 2005, and it's my dream that Ryan Seaton score a film adaptation of one of my books someday. He's also the person used as the physical inspiration for Perry in Swallow Me Whole.