new comic with AL BURIAN in RUNNER RUNNER this spring!

I'm pleased to announce that work is finished on a new 10-page comic called "Unchained", written by beloved writer/musician/cartoonist Al Burian (Burn Collector, Natural Disaster, Milemarker, Challenger, Hellbender) and drawn by me. It'll be published by Tugboat Press in the spring, as part of their Runner Runner anthology.

This story marks the first time Al and I have collaborated since the story "Scrubs" from Walkie Talkie #1 back in 2000 (reprinted in Sounds Of Your Name). Back in 1997, Al's comic The Long Walk Nowhere (now reprinted in Things Are Meaning Less) completely opened up my perspective on what stories to tell with comics, how, and why. Make it count. Pay attention to the surroundings that made you who you are. I'm honored to work together again!