Recap from MARCH debut at San Diego Comic Con!

The grand debut of March: Book One went better than any of us could've hoped for! We sold out of all the limited hardcover copies in the first couple of days, and nearly sold out of our softcover stock as well. Folks were beyond stoked to meet John Lewis, and he loved the inclusive atmosphere generally felt at the Con. At our presentation on the book, Congressman Lewis' introduction was cut off after one sentence-- by a lengthy standing ovation from the overcrowded ballroom.

Here are video excerpts from our standing-room-only panel discussion about March-- couldn't dig up any of my section, but here are some from John Lewis and Andrew Aydin.

A first for the Top Shelf booth-- the Con threatened to shut us down at one point because of the insane line for the MARCH signing!

Virtually every major news outlet did features on the book, including CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR, PBS, Roll Call, UT San Diego, Publishers Weekly, ColorLines, and Huffington Post.

In addition, in the days leading up to Comic-Con, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy held up a copy of March in the Committee hearing on the gutted Voting Rights Act, saying "it will be seen by all five of my grandchildren." It should be noted that the Senate Judiciary Committee is the very same that held those infamous 1954 comic book hearings on the heels of Dr. Wertham's Seduction Of The Innocent, crippling the American comics industry.

Amidst an NPR interview with John Lewis, Andrew, and I.
Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson arranged a special meeting with us to get signed copies for himself and his father!
Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development!
I'll post more as it becomes available, of course-- just wanted to get all this stuff up here. Thank you everyone for a truly incredible experience at San Diego Comic Con this year, and thanks to my Top Shelf family for being excellent human beings!